Welcome to Dover Street Preschool

Outdoor play area

We hope that the time you and your child spend here with us will be educational, happy, rewarding and memorable. Preschool is an exciting time for children and parents; it is a time for developing new relationships and for growing and learning to occur. Children adjust to Preschool in their own way, just as adults do to new situations. With this in mind, it is important to remember to give your child time to settle in. All children are unique and some may need more time and support than others.

We provide your child with a safe, secure, comfortable and supportive learning environment. Our program stimulates young minds to think outside the square. It fosters creativity, challenges thinking and doing, and supports co-operative learning. We will address the needs, interests and abilities of each child and recognize them as the unique individuals they are.

We hope that Dover Street Preschool will become a special place for you and your child and we look forward to building relationships with every family.